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Payments & Documents


The tuition costs are as follows:

School of Transnational Law

HSBC Business School

120,000 RMB per year 60,000 RMB per year

Living Costs:
Cost of a single room:  15,840RMB/year

Your cost of living depends on your lifestyle. In general, living in Shenzhen is much cheaper than most western cities, but one of the most expensive Chinese cities. To estimate your cost of living, please visit our Costs & Scholarships page.

Payment schedule

1. International students must complete their tuition payments before the payment deadline.

2. The due date for tuition payment is the last day of the university’s registration period: usually the Monday before the first week of classes for new students, and the second day of classes for current students.

3. Students who fail to pay the full amount of their tuition within 15 days after the due date will be dismissed from the university.

Means of payment

Your tuition and admission fees can be paid in RMB by domestic Union Pay debit or credit card or wired in RMB, USD or Euros to the school directly from a foreign account. Contact your school’s administrative staff for the account information on which to wire your funds.

Tuition Refunds

1. International Students who have been granted permission to take a leave of absence during the academic year will not receive tuition refund during their absence, but the portion of their tuition covering their period of absence will be reassigned to the period when they resume their studies:
If the leave requested is shorter than a third of an academic term, then no tuition will be refunded. If the leave period is longer, and up to one quarter, then the student will be asked to take a full quarter off and his or her tuition payment will be postponed to the next quarter.

2.  Students who have been approved to withdraw from the university may apply for a tuition refund. Below is the tuition refund schedule of the university.

Time of withdrawal Percentage of refundable tuition
Before the first day of registration 100%
Within the first 30 days of the semester 50%
After the first 30 days of the semester Non-refundable (0%)

(Note: The first day of registration is on the Monday of the first week of the semester. The amount/percentage of the tuition that is refundable to the students is determined by the day when they officially withdraw from the university.)

3. The university will deduct 10% of the students’ tuition refunds for processing fees. Tuition will be refunded in RMB exclusively.

Other Related Fees

Tuition during the Extended Duration of Study

Graduate Students may apply to extend the duration of their study if they are unable to graduate by their designated time of graduation. Under the proper conditions, the university may approve for these students to pay a lower tuition fee while they complete the remaining of their studies.

Dissertation Deference Application Fee

Graduate students who failed to defend their thesis may apply to defend again within a given time limit. The fee required for this application is 10% of their annual tuition.

Registration Fees for Students on Leave

Students who are allowed to take time off from their studies/ university due to personal reason must pay a registration fee amounting to 10% of their tuition for every semester missed to maintain their student account and status. This registration fee should be paid before the day of registration for the quarter to be missed. The university will cancel the student account of those who failed to pay the registration fee on time.


Current PKU students and PKU alumni can print official documents at a self-service terminal on campus. The self-service terminals are located in the H Building (Administrative Building) and are available 24/7 (including holidays). Documents can also be obtained at the PKU main campus in Beijing.

The campus card or another domestic bank card may be used to process the payment.

For Current Students:

  • lTranscript (Chinese/English)

  • lProof of Enrollment (Chinese/English)

  • lProof of Scholarship (Chinese/Bilingual)

For Graduated Students:

  • lProof of Graduation (Bilingual)

  • lProof of Diploma (Bilingual)

  • lTranscript (Chinese/English)

If you need the documents sealed, please contact Ms. Ai in the Education Administration Office (H103). If you are unable to print the documents yourself on campus, please contact the International Affairs Office for help.

For exchange students, Peking University provides authenticated electronic transcripts which are accepted by most universities around the world for credit transferring. Electronic transcripts will be emailed to your home university as per your request.