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International Students

In 2020
PKU Shenzhen had 150 full-time international graduate students from more than 59 countries.

​A Unique International Campus in Shenzhen

PKU Shenzhen is committed to its ongoing goal internationalization by its efforts in creating a bilingual environment, actively recruiting an increasing number of international faculty members and students, and striving for international standards of all facilities and services. Our international faculty and students have the opportunity to make their own contributions to internationalization and be a part of shaping the future of PKU Shenzhen.

2018 hike to the top of Tanglang Mountain overlooking PKUSZ campus

PKU Shenzhen’s international student community distinguishes itself from other universities. Currently, there are 137 full-time international students and over 50 exchange students enrolled at the HSBC Business School and School of Transnational Law. Our international students represent nearly 50 different countries, creating a vibrant multicultural community. International students and Chinese students regularly collaborate in group projects, join student associations, hold intercultural events and compete in intramural sports teams.  The strategic location of our campus in Shenzhen allows students to attend conferences and events in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Macau and Hong Kong.

International students after performing at the 2019 Thanksgiving Celebration

Students compete in the PKU Beijing Sports Games

With eight graduate schools and a campus of over 3000 students, PKU Shenzhen and student associations regularly host events open to the entire PKU Shenzhen community. Annual events include: Field Day, Thanksgiving Party, Night on Mirror Lake and New Year’s Party, PKU Track and Field Competition, University Town Rowing Competition, Football Cup, and the Campus Singing Competition. Past notable academic events hosted by PKU Shenzhen have included: 2019 Sustainable Finance and Its Future in China Conference and 2019 STL-UC Berkeley International Forum on Legal Funding Issues for Successful Startups.

International Student Football Team, 2019 PKUSZ Tournament Champions

Make Your Next Step China

China is set to soon be the world’s number two destination for international students worldwide. But there is a number two spot China already occupies: its globalized economy has swiftly risen to become the second largest in the world.

The growth of the economy cannot be separated from the growth of talent. China’s universities have steadily climbed international rankings and now occupy top spots. These days, there are innovative and affordable fully-English language Masters programs offered in China which can transform you into an informed, connected and global future leader.

Shenzhen is at the center of this progress. It’s where youth, global connections, education, business and technology come together. The Greater Bay Area is becoming an international economic hub unrivaled by any other in the world. Shenzhen, at only 40 years old, attracts the top tech companies of China as well as the talent to utilize new technology for global change.

You are not alone in thinking China could be your next step. Having thoughts about the application to PKU Shenzhen? We are always here to help.

Studying at PKU Shenzhen

Studying at PKU Shenzhen, you can meet friends from around the world and enjoy the living style of the highly developed city.

Currently, two of the academic schools at PKUSZ offer fully English-taught programs: HSBC Business School (PHBS) and School of Transnational Law (STL). These schools boast a highly qualified and diverse faculty and the top international accreditations.

Here are the English-taught programs currently offered at PKUSZ:


- Masters of Management

- Masters of Finance

- Masters of Economics

- MBA (Chinese-English program)


- LL.M.

These degrees are two year programs. However, many students are also able to have internships in their second year.

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