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Around Shenzhen

Shenzhen people love to say, “Once you’re here, you’re a Shenzhener.” Why is it such a beloved phrase? Because inclusiveness and transformation capture the spirit of the young city.

Once a small fishing village, in just a few decades, it became a global tech hub and one of China’s largest, most dazzling, cities. Since establishing itself as the go-to place for ambitious young people, it has never lost its spirit of cosmopolitanism and has never slowed down. It standsready to welcomenewcomers from all over the world who share its striving personality.

Many young people come to Shenzhen to tap into its economic power. At the same time, they have helped shape it into one of the most livable cities in China: The food scene captures all the best cuisines of China. The trendy shopping malls offer comfortable weekend spots to unwind. And the advanced infrastructure and tech capabilities create an unmatched convenience of life.

Shenzhen’s natural beauty provides an escape from the fast-paced life. The coastline is appreciated for much more than its ability to provide convenient access to foreign markets. Shenzheners enjoy luxurious parks, lush mountains and beaches worthy of a weekend getaway.

There is always more to explore.

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Wutong Greenway

For a full-day of spending quality time in nature nothing is better than starting at East Lake Park and walking the Wutong Greenway. The Wutong Greenway opened in 2021 and is now the most celebrated nature walk in the city. Take plenty of water and snacks. The walk is around 14km. For a more leisurely day, just visit the Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens and don’t do the rest of the walk. For more info see here.

Transportation tips: No.10 bus goes directly to the south gate of East Lake. You can catch the bus from Huangbeilin Metro Station (Line 5 and Line 2). Take the bus to the final stop (东湖公园南门总站)

Tanglang Mountain

Tanglang Mountain is Nanshan District’s most popular hike. It is also super close to our campus! This hike is beloved for its proximity to the city, moderate level of difficulty and great views.You can see our campus from the top! Many also enjoy taking some flashlights and hiking up Tanglang at night.

Transportation tips: Take metro line 7 to Longjing Metro Station and walk to the hike entrance.

Dameisha Beach

Shenzhen has many popular beaches, most located in the southeastern Dapeng New Area and eastern Yantian District. Dameisha Beach is one of the easiest large beaches to get to and is a great weekend getaway. Visitors to Shenzhen beaches enjoy watersports, like paddle boarding and surfing. There are many watersport companies in Dapeng and Yantian.

Transportation tips: Take metro line 8 to Yantian Road Station. From the station catch a bus (M465) or quick taxi to the beach.

Dasha River

The Dasha River is the beautiful river that runs through the heart of our campus. Major ecologicaldevelopment has been completed along the river in recent years. A paved walkway along the river continues all the way until the river flows into the Shenzhen Bay. The river walkway makes for the perfect evening stroll, jog or bike ride in Shenzhen. There are great cafes along the walkway!

Transportation tips:To go along the river all the way to Shenzhen Bay, start on the walkway outside of UTSZ and walk towards the direction of Xili.

Shenzhen Bay Park

The perfect place for catching a magical Shenzhensunrise! The urban landscape and nature collide in thisbeautiful park. There are views of Hong Kong across the bay. You can take the path along the bay all the way to Shekou or stop at OCT Harbor and grab a bite to eat in one of the many amazing restaurants.

Transportation tips: Take metro line 9 to Shenzhen Bay Park Station.

DapengAncient Town

Check out this ancient town hidden away just outside the downtown area of the city. Dapeng Ancient Town is well-worth the visit. Walk along the ancient walls, which have been preserved, and visit the fortress from the Qing Dynasty. Many of the buildings in Dapeng are over 500 years old, but they now old boutique shops and some great restaurants. Unlike most ancient towns in China, Dapeng Ancient Town has no entry fee.

Transportation tips: Take bus E11 from Luohu Sports Center to Dapeng Center and then take a taxi or short bus to Dapeng Ancient Town

Nantou Ancient Town

Nantou Ancient Town, opened in 2020, is a fantastic new cultural area in Nanshan District. While smaller in scale than Dapeng Ancient Town, Nantou is conveniently located and designed to blend into the everyday city life of Shenzhen people. With art galleries, a brewery, classic food stalls and unique design elements, and less than 8km from campus, this is a great place to explore.

Transportation tips: Take bus M176 from the dorms or the PKU main gate (heading towards Tsinghua/Xili Lake Station). Get off the bus at Nanshan Public Security Building Station.

OCT Loft

OCT Loft is the classic, low-key hip hangout in Shenzhen. The area is full of creative shops and other cultural offerings, like art galleries, music venues, restaurants and bookshops. In the daytime, wander through the shops and craft market. At night, drift through some of Shenzhen’s top craft cocktail bars.

Transportation tips: Take metro line 2 to Huaqiao North Station.


There is a large expat community located in Shekou and the area caters to foreigners. The Seaworld plaza has many foreign restaurants including, Indian, Mexican, Italian and French restaurants. It is also a popular area for nightlife, there are many bars and clubs located in Sea World’s bar street. A short walk from Sea World, you can find Shekou’s Old Street (老街). This street contains clothing and shoe shops for foreigners, quality tailors, massage and nail salons.

Transportation tips: Take metro line 2 to Sea World Metro Stop. Shekou Old Street: Walk to Xinghua Street from Sea World or take the metro to Shuiwan (水湾).

Coastal City

Located in Nanshan District, Coastal City is oneof the most established shopping mall areas in Shenzhen. Apart from the shopping, there are countless restaurants to try, many of which are on Dazhong Dianping’s famous“Must-Eat List”. It is also just a short walk to Shenzhen Talent Park, one of the most famous spots for viewing the Shenzhen cityscape at night.

Transportation tips:Take metro line 2 to Houhai Station.

Yitian Holiday Mall (Xili)

Yitian Holiday Mall is the closest mall to our campus (located at the University Town Metro Stop). It is the regular place to go for group meals or catching a movie. There is a large supermarket on the basement floor with many imported goods.

Transportation tips:Walk out the Harbin Institute of Technology main gate and continue towards the University Town Metro Station.


Looking for the downtown feel in Shenzhen? That’s what you get in the Futian District around COCO Park. COCO Park is a luxury shopping mall and hangout spot. Just across the street from COCO Park is the Ping An Tower, the world’s fourth tallest building. Take a trip to the top of the tower for the most coveted view of Shenzhen. At night, the bars and clubs around COCO Park come alive. Many nights, hundreds of people are out to get a taste of Shenzhen’s nightlife here.

Transportation tips: Take metro line 1 to Shopping Park Station.


Nanshan District’s Hi-Tech Park is the crowded home of some of China’s largest and most influential tech companies. The Yuehai Sub-district, which Hi-Tech Park is a part of, is less than 15 square kilometers but has an annual GDP of around 40 billion USD. Hi-Tech Park houses the headquarters of Tencent, DJI, Huawei, Baidu and ZTE and hundreds of other companies.

Transportation tips: Take Express Bus 128 from the gate by the dorms or the PKU main gate (heading towards Tsinghua/Xili Lake Metro Station). Get off the bus at Shenzhen University Southern Campus Southeast Gate Station.

Huaqiang North

The famous technology markets of Shenzhen are located in Huaqiang North. These massive hubs of hardware design and trade have been featured in most of the world’s major media outlets. While online shopping has significantly affected business, the markets are still a favorite among Shenzhen’s creators and startups. Start with Huaqiang Mall (华强广场), which is at the center of a big shopping area dedicated to electronic products.

Transportation tips:Take metro line 2 to Huaqiang North Metro Station.