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Medical Services

Medical Services

Shenzhen has both Chinese and international hospitals that are available to you if have an emergency or need to see a doctor. International hospitals have full English services and prices that are comparable to western hospital prices. Chinese hospitals and pharmacies are typically rather inexpensive than compared to hospitals in most western countries, but English is not widely spoken.

Emergency Numbers

If you need emergency assistance, call the relevant hotline for a medical emergency, police assistance or a fire emergency. All emergency numbers in Shenzhen have basic English services. If you need further assistance, please call one of the international coordinators for your school or PKU Shenzhen.

Medical Emergency: 120

Police: 110

Fire: 119

University Town 24 Hour Security: 2603-5305

Public Hospitals

Shenzhen University General Hospital

Shenzhen University General Hospital is the closest hospital to campus. Opened in 2018, it is one of the newest public hospitals in Shenzhen. The hospital is about 2 kilometers from campus. Both buses that stop at PKU campus also stop at the hospital, making it extremely easy to visit. The hospital is clean and has a 24-hour Emergency Department. Some staff have basic English skills.

Address: 1098 Xuefan Dadao, Xili University Town, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755 2183 9999

Peking University Hospital

The Peking University Hospital is one of the top-ranked hospitals in Shenzhen. Many Chinese students and staff choose this hospital because it is associated with Peking University. It has limited English services. It is recommended to go directly to the 6th floor (VIP section) for more English services.

Address: No. 1120 Lianhua Road, Futian District

Tel.: 0755 8392 3333

Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital

The Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital is a public hospital covered by the student insurance. However, the insurance provider will not offer advanced payments for inpatient services at this hospital. Therefore, for inpatient services, this hospital is not recommended, unless the student is comfortable with making all payments upfront (as treatment proceeds).

International students sometimes visit this hospital for medical attention because of the higher standard of equipment and slightly better English services.

There is an International Medical Center. However, the expenses are not covered by the student insurance in the International Medical Center and can be expected to be around 4x the price of the public area.

Address: Haiyuan 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


Kangning Hospital

Kangning Hospital is the only public hospital in Shenzhen that has a department specifically dedicated to mental health services. Therefore, this hospital is recommended in cases of psychological distress. The hospital has multiple English-speaking professionals and has treated foreigners experiencing symptoms of mental health illnesses.

Address: Cuizhu Rd 1080, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-2553 3749


International StudentInsurance

Students in China are required by law to subscribe to a local Chinese insurance scheme. The Ministry of Education recommends usingPing An Foreign Students Group Insurance, which covers accidental injuries, hospitalization (if you need to stay in a hospital for at least one night) and death. The cost of Ping An insurance is 800 RMB/year, and the school will apply to the insurance on your behalf.

All international students are automatically enrolled in the Ping An Insurance scheme unless an alternative plan has been approved. If you subscribe to Ping An Insurance, you will be covered from your day of registration.

The insurance company has a 24-7 hotline with qualified English-speaking staff: 4008105119

Ping An Foreign Students Group Insurance does cover outpatient care and some prescription medicines. After a 650RMB deductible, policy holders will be reimbursed 85% outpatient fees with a 600RMB daily limit and an accumulative limit of 20000RMB.

Please refer the insurance policy (English Version) here and the claims guidelines here. For more information on the Ping An Foreign Student Group Insurance Plan, you can call their 24-7 hotline (4008105119) or consult your school's administrative staff.

The Ping An Foreign Student Group Insurance Plan does not cover over the counter medicines or dental care. However, basic medications and dental care are quite inexpensive in China.

We recommend the following public hospitals. We advise you to call Ping An Insurance (4008105119) prior to visiting a hospital to make sure your expenses will be covered.

Note: Ping An Foreign Student Group Insurance Plan does not cover any special departments/services designated for foreigners. For example, the International Medical Center at the Hong Kong University Hospital would not be covered by your insurance.

If you would like to be in covered in private international hospitals or to benefit from medical repatriation, you may want to consider purchasing an additional international or traveler’s health insurance. These plans typically cover hospitalization and surgery in a private hospital and emergency evacuation to your home country.

Mental Health

The PKU Shenzhen Student Affairs Office is dedicated to our students’ mental health and well-being by providing students with free counseling services on campus. The Student Affairs Office professional staff can help students address any personal or academic struggles in a confidential setting in English.

The school provides 8 counseling sessions free of charge to all students. These counseling sessions help students deal with stress management, anxiety & depression, life transitions, and relationship issues. After your first 8 sessions, you will need to apply to continue sessions with your counselor (more details provided at that time).

At present, all counseling services are by appointment only. Students should to schedule an appointment during counseling hours.

Although the counseling services are conducted in English for international students, the school can provide a Chinese-English translator if necessary. International students may also always turn to any international staff member for additional assistance and guidance.

Contact Information

Tel: 2603 2104


In case of emergency, please inform an International Affairs coordinator immediately and visit the Kangning Hospital, a public hospital covered by the student insurance plan that specializes in mental health treatment.

Kangning Hospital–深圳市罗湖区翠竹路1080号

Shenzhen, Luohu District, Cuizhu Rd 1080