Campus Life
Student Associations

You are encouraged and warmly welcomed to join any of the many student associations at PKU Shenzhen. In addition, you will be informed by email, group communications and the PKU Shenzhen website of all the events organized by the school.

To join an association,wait until the beginning of the semester when the associations have started their recruiting. Every September, there is a Student Association Recruitment Fair around Mirror Lake where many student associations set up tents to advertise themselves and attract new members. Some associations will also create their own promotional material, which will be shared in group communications and posted around campus.

Please contact the StudentService Office (Building H, Room 102B, Tel: 2603 2729, if you have further questions about student associations.


Prominent Organizations

In addition to the formal Student Associations, there are several other prominent organizations on campus enriching student life.

Nanyan Art Troupe

The Nanyan Art Troupe is the organization devoted to performing arts and student performances at school and outside events. Students with a talent or interest in a performing art are encouraged to join. Their divisions of the Nanyan Art Troupe include: traditional dance, Hip Hop dance, musical instruments, choir and event hosts.

International Student Association (ISU)

ISU is the International Student Union of PHBS. The association has international students who hail from different parts of the world as members, working together to make life exciting and enriching in Shenzhen. Career & Skill Development and Cultural Integration are the two main values which are reflected in the organization, our networks of alumni and the activities we do.


  • Volunteer Service
  • Practice
  • Interests
  • Sports
  • Academic

Green Plus Association of PKUSZ

Building bridges between students and society, exploring the road toagreen future

Youth Volunteer Association of PKUSZ

The Nanyan Youth Association aims to inherit the tradition of Peking University and carry forward the spirit of volunteerism of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress.” With the slogan of “heart-to-heart, Nanyan accompanied”, it helps and guides Nanyan students to participate in campus and community. Volunteer service activities.

Creativity Entrepreneurship Association

Promote creativity and entrepreneurship, and uphold the truth, goodness and beauty.

Based on theoperating the HorseWheel [student store at PHBS], we will be an entrepreneurial society with business school characteristics.

Youth Entrepreneurs Association

The Peking University Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) focuses on entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship incubation and entrepreneurship practice. Whether you are passionate about entrepreneurship, investment, VC, you are welcome to join!

Career Development Association

(PKU·CDA)It is a student association established in 2013 to help the students of Peking University's Shenzhen Institute of Research to work better.

The association is mainly dedicated to organizing corporate visits, so that students from the Institute can have more opportunities to visit future target units.

English Association of PKUSZ

The EA of PKUSZ is committed to liaising with students who are interested in English and those who have a need for an English test; Speaking, reading and writing - all English skills, to provide members with a platform to practice English (spoken) and self-expression, to promote exchanges between international students and students of the Institute.

Calligraphy&Painting Association

Hui San School of painting and calligraphy. People inherit and taste traditional culture; study and discuss the skills of painting and calligraphy; and practice the self-cultivation.

Chess Association

In order to enrich the cultural life after school, promote the exchanges of the majority of students, and promote the development of a healthy chess and card culture in the campus, with the purpose of "satisfying life, chess and music infinitely". Nan Yan Chess Club covers a variety of chess types, waiting for you to "greet friends."

Astronomy Association

The South Ship Astronomy Association is the only astronomy enthusiast organization in the University Town. Under the far-flung southern starry sky than Beijing, we are committed to spreading science and culture, maintaining our curiosity about the universe, and working with the people who love science and nature to “down to earth and look up at the stars”

Nanfeng Psychology Association

The purpose of the association is to focus on mental health and develop a good attitude. As a “zero threshold” public welfare society, every member of the community is concerned about the mental health of each student in Nanyan.

Photography Club

Use the camera to condense light and shadow and record the world with your heart.

MovieKids Association

The association is committed to sharing film history classics and niche films. Association cooperates with the University City Library to hold regular events, monthly. We will hold two sessions, and we will invite guest speakers and views in each issue.

Nanyan Swimming Association

The Nanyan Swimming Association is a platform designed to provide a wide range of swimming enthusiasts with each other to share and learn skills.

Whether you are a veteran who has been swimming for many years, or a "novice" who has never been in the water, we welcome everyone to join.

Kung Fu Scholar Association of PKUSZ

Nanyan National Art Association is committed to inheriting and promoting Chinese martial arts culture and contributing to the prosperity of campus cultural life.

Nanyan Volleyball Association

A club belongs to a group of volleyball enthusiasts who enjoy sports competitions and enjoy sports friends and teamwork!

Nanyan Cycling Association

The Nanyan Automobile Association was established in 2010. Since its establishment, it has been carrying out a series of activities both inside and outside the school with the aim and mission of “advocating green life and popularizing cycling.” During the year, the Association organized more than 40 activities such as short-distance cycling and long-distance cycling, with a cumulative participation of more than 500 participants. Life is endless, the wheels are not limited, the car association will accompany you forever on the road.

Skating Association

Peking University Nanyan Roller Sweeping Club is a mysterious society. We like to be active in the moonlight at night. We like to brush the streets unscrupulously on the wide roads. We also like to study techniques in flat squares. We also come out from time to time. Get together, chat with friends about ideals or trivial things; although the life of graduate students is not leisurely, but every month can always find a few days to play and relax. There is no competition here, no comparison, no merit and no name, only the joy and innocence of sports.

Marathon Association

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Marathon Association is abbreviated as NanyanMa (Horse) Association. The purpose of the establishment is to promote the complete personality of Peking University, the first education in sports, call for the stadium, and keep fit.

Golf Association

Golf clubs, learning skills, sharing feelings, enhancing friendship。

Yoga Association

We are a yoga enthusiast exchange organization for Shenzhen University Town, which aims to improve the physical condition of the members, strengthen the body, improve the flexibility of the members, improve the hunchback, treat the neck and lumbar problems, and cultivate personal temperament.

Archery Association

Recharge your energy and build long lasting friendships. We provide a platform for students who have interest in practical and theoretical knowledge of archery. We aim at actively support advanced archeries but also introduce this sport to beginners. We prioritize the team building aspects and expand our training with recreational group activities.

Tennis Association of PKUSZ

The purpose of the Nanyan Tennis Association is to promote tennis and help students learn tennis and tennis skills and enrich their after-school life.

Kunpeng Association

Activities to promote the spirit of outdoor sports.

The association conducts rock climbing activities at the school's outdoor quality development venue every Sunday, and organizes outdoor activities from time to time every semester.

Football Association

The Nanyan Football Association consists of football players and football fans from Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School.Itis mainly responsible for organizing the official football tournaments of graduate schools and establishing a football exchange platform.

Badminton Association

Club for badminton.

Ping Pong Association

Founded in 2002, it is the oldest sports club of Nanyan. Committed to creating an excellent table tennis exchange platform, creating a space to exercise self and show yourself. The association hosted the in-house table tennis competition, organized the Nanyan table tennis team to participate in the university city competition, and won the Shenzhen University Town Games championship.

Peking University Boxing Association

Boxing training, outdoor training, university exchanges,Peak Night, forums. The club is committed to international integration and UTSZ intergration.

Billiards Association

The Nanyan Billiards Association is an interest group of the Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. Many students and graduates often work together to learn from each other. Students who are interested in billiards will also be trained. Our aim is to "make friends and make progress together".


IEEE is aimed at cultivating members' scientific literacy and improving their professional skills. It is characterized by sharing and communication. It adheres to the concept of science and technology, and is based on the academic world and faces the global academic, industrial, and public, new problems brought about by new technologies. A comprehensive association of targeted, interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.

Boya Finance Association

A comprehensive association that combines economic and financial cross-industry research, professional ability

development and social activities with the goal of improving member knowledge and service member development, and sharing and communication. 2015-2018 HSBC Business School Outstanding Society, 2013-2019 Shenyan Institute Top Ten Associations, 2018 Shenzhen Institute Leaders Association.

Industrial Development Association

The association adheres to the concept of “disciplinary, inter-disciplinary interaction” and is committed to the cultivation of members' thinking depth and pattern. It has won the title of “Top Ten Community” and “Best Practice Community” in Shenzhen Institute for many years. Awarded the title of "Brand Society" in 2018-2019.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

The association focuses on the primary market buyers, focusing on cultivating industry analytical capabilities, featuring the expansion of industry social resources, and focusing on the basic financial literacy of members.

Society of Women in Law

Peking University Legal Professional Women's Association (SWL) is the first student organization in China to focus on legal professional women.

Public Interest Law Foundation

PILF is a group that is based on the Peking University School of International Law and is led by the students of the college to promote the legal practice of students. All funds raised in daily club activities are used to fund international law school students to travel to non-profit organizations and institutions for summer internships, or public welfare law practitioners' loan relief programs. Through various methods and channels, PILF has made unremitting efforts to enhance the legal person's recognition of social welfare law and social responsibility.

Consulting Association of PKUSZ

Founded in 2007, Peking University Management Consulting Association (CAP) is the only professional community focused on management consulting and Internet strategy. It aims to provide members with a professional platform for research, learning and communication growth.

Fund Research Association

The Foundation is dedicated to the research of the secondary market industry, insisting on deep, high-quality, continuous investment and exploration, not sloppy, not impetuous, and stick to its true colors. It has connected many students with industry leaders and has won the favor of major funds and brokers.

Association for Financial Technology

The Financial Technology Association is based on the new enthusiasm of financial technology, adhering to the tenet of “using technology as a financial empowerment.” The association is committed to gradually cultivating the scientific computing ability and industry insight of each member of the association through a series of solid internal trainings, and provides a broad platform for data science enthusiasts to exchange academic resources and resources.

Economics Society of PKU

In the past: classic study, education, learning and interaction, will have nothing. Recently, we have paid more attention to the direction. The backbone of the society has deep understanding and practice for Internet products and Internet entrepreneurship. In addition, we also pay attention to cultural diversity, LGBTQ, film and television, literature, cross-cultural communication, collision of ideas, and meanings. Talk about the current new public space of PHBS, understand yourself, understand others, understand society in the dialogue.

Economic Policy Association

The Economic Policy Association of Peking University is the most influential macroeconomic policy and fixed income research platform of HSBC Business School. The Association adheres to in-depth research on macro-receipt and industry, aiming to cultivate members' economic interpretation ability and policy analysis ability, and lay a solid foundation for the workplace.

Quantitative Trading Association

Focus on researching quantitative trading strategies to meet the needs of the times. Provide a professional platform for academic exchanges, resource sharing, and personal communication for students who are interested in doing quantitative research related to public offerings, private placements, and brokerages.

Urban Studies Association

We pay attention to the city, pay attention to life, start to discover the city, understand the city, stop changing life, and live a warm life.

Blockchain Association

A young but creative community, a nascent yet infinitely possible technology, a group of people who love and pursue and are eager to lead the future.

Commercial Relationship Society

Peking University Business Relations Association is committed to building a business social platform, promoting internal resource sharing, creating HSBC brand associations, and nurturing future business elites. If you want to improve your self-image, you will become a goddess of goddess; If you want to master business etiquette, exercise social skills; if you want to pursue quality life, experience noble feelings; we, wait for you here.

Business Model Association

Peking University Business Model Association (BMA) relies on resources such as Peking University Business Model Research Center and Yuanzhi Research Institute. It is led by Professor Wei Wei, the first person in China's business model, and Mr. Wang Peng, senior partner of Peking University Management Consulting Group. Mr. Shen Minghui, Head of the Internet Group of Evergrande Research Institute, as a mentor in the industry, gathered Tsinghua University to conduct research and exploration of the Chinese business model.

Commercial Bank Association

Nanyan's largest international financial community covers the entire financial industry chain and has a unique international exchange program.

Shenzhen and Hong Kong Economics and Finance Association of PKU

It is the largest comprehensive student association of HSBC Business School with the longest history, the largest scale, the strongest influence, the closest members, and the strongest social resources. The so-called righteousness and elders are deep, and the hometown of the heart and soul is Dagang. Shenzhen and Hong Kong are our harbors. We are each other's boats.

Mathematical Economics Association

The Mathematical Economics Association was established in 2017. The core business of the association is to study the mathematical logic foundation and basic economic history of economic finance, and to study the implementation and numerical methods of specific models.

Investment Bank & Law Firm Association

Founded in 2009, the Investment Banking Association is jointly established by HSBC Business School and the International Law School. It adheres to the principle of compound development of financial law and focuses on the primary and international markets at home and abroad.

Investment Exchange Institute

The Investment Exchange Association focuses on the training of member investment in actual combat capabilities and provides a platform for learning exchanges, practical training, and networking for members who are interested in investing in the secondary market.

The Future Media Lab

The Future Media Lab is a cutting-edge community focused on emerging media such as the Internet, new media, smart hardware, future technology, and data visualization. It aims to help members understand the hot spots of the times, improve academic thinking and analytical power, and enhance media visualization technology. And docking the top resources in the industry to achieve a comprehensive quality talent training plan.

Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Association - Shenzhen

ASES integrates the three schools of UTSZ.It has been awardedthe top ten clubs of the year. ASES trains business leaders.

Security Investment Association

With the aim of “researching the securities market and cultivating investment capacity”, it focuses on the boutique society of secondary market research.

Intellectual Property Association

The IPA is an academic society basedin the Peking University School of Transnational Law. It is aimed at the various departments ofUTSZ and is interested in intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks and unfair competition). Thiswas the first academic professional association of STL and has been selected as one of the “Top Ten Associations” of the Institute.”

Small and Medium Enterprises Association

Peking University Small and Medium Enterprises Association was established in 2010. The association focuses on emerging industry innovations and hot issues, tracking and sharing industry frontier information, in-depth corporate research, and analyzing company value and growth. With the goal of helping members grow, we focus on helping each member to develop financial foundations and financial knowledge and improve research skills.

Capital Market Association

Peking University Capital Markets Association (CMA) is a small and sophisticated professional development community focused on the capital market. Since the establishment of the headquarters of Peking University in 2005, CMAhas provided effective help for the professional development of members, to cultivate professional literacy and knowledge skills, and to help members find like-minded professional partners and move toward their goals together.