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PKUSZ Debate Team defends their championship, the fourth in a row

Date: Dec 17,2022 Time: Location:

From 宣传与公关办公室

From November 9 to December 17, the 8th “Thinking Star” Shenzhen College Students Thinking & Debate Competition, sponsored by Shenzhen Library and the Dute App, was successfully held. College students from various universities in Shenzhen joined and debated on social issues. Topics for this year’s competition were closely related to“Bay Area integration”,“college student employment”,“non-marriage doctrine and sub-replacement fertility”,“quality content production”,“Shenzhen tourism business card”,“metaverse”,“family education”,“healthy lifestyle” and other hotly debated social issues. Participants, based on reality, carried out their thinking, reasoning and discussion, online and offline, having demonstrated the great thinking and reasoning abilities of Shenzhen college students.

The debate team, on behalf of PKUSZ, participated in the competition. Ten team members -- LI Yaxin, JIANG Jinyi, YAO Xiangming, ZHANG Yuanrui, ZHANG Zhiying, CHEN Jiayao, SUN Fanbo, YUE Ziyao, LIN Heng and SHI Tong defeated Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology in the previous two rounds, successfully making it to the final.

First round participants: JIANG Jinyi, YAO Xiangming and LI Yaxin

Second round participants: ZHANG Zhiying, ZHANG Yuanrui and CHEN Jiayao

The final was held at 19:00, December 17 when PKUSZ faced Shenzhen Polytechnic. YAO Xiangming, SUN Bofan and ZHANG Zhiying carried out a heated discussion and debate on the topic“how to promote college student employment” with counterparts from their rival.

YAO Xiangming from School of Advanced Materials

SUN Fanbo from School of Transnational Law

ZHANG Zhiying from School of Advanced Materials

PKUSZ debaters, by analyzing the current employment situation of college students, proposed the methodology of“breaking prejudice and discrimination, linking the Bay Area, opening up the diversified forms, and giving full play to Shenzhen’s leading role in promoting college student employment”, from the perspectives of both the policy side and the school side. With rounds of fierce contest, PKUSZ team prevailed and successfully defended the championship with their outstanding performance, which is the fourth in a row. Besides, PKUSZ Youth League Committee was awarded the Outstanding Organizer, and the research report entitledHow to Promote College Student Employment won the first prize.

Championship awarding ceremony

Outstanding Organizer awarding ceremony

Final Group Photo

The competition was launched in 2015 as one specially held for college students. So far, eight consecutive competitions have been held, with the number of participants exceeding 3.5 million and the highest number of live-streaming audiences reading 300 thousand. Unlike traditional debate competitions, it does not feature two sides refuting the other. On the contrary, it aims to encourage contemporary college students’ attention to hotly debated social issues, guide the contestants to observe and reason in matters from different perspectives, and train them to explore the truth and seek the optimal solution on the basis of understanding and absorbing viewpoints of the opposite side.

Besides, the competition also has a research report section, in which the contestants will conduct field research based on their selected topics, so as to develop an in-depth understanding of social issues for the final report. Proposals will be compiled after the competition on the basis of these reports as reference for decision making. Through in-depth participation during the whole process, college students’ understanding, cognition and personal experience of social issues and their passion for engaging in social practice, will be enhanced.

PKUSZ Team Introduction: PKUSZ Debate Team

PKUSZ Debate Team has brought home one after another championships in various large-scale debate competitions. Low-key as they are, they never lose strength, sharpness and talent in thinking, reasoning, discussing and debating.

Group photo of PKUSZ debaters

PKUSZ Debate Team, managed and guided by the Youth League Committee and supported by its Academic and Scientific Innovation Department, is always active in participating high-quality competitions. The team has achieved“grand slam” in all major competitions it participated in, and is still marching on the great road of accomplishing more!

Article from Communications and Public Relations Office

Article by Yan Yuchen

Edited by FONG Tsz Hei and WANG Shunlun

Reviewed by MA Xiye

Date Dec 17,2022 Time