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Good News | PKU Jiaolong Rowing Team got the first prize! Won silver!

Date: Nov.15.2022 Time: Location:

On November 15, the first rowing league of the X9 University Institute League was held at the Shenzhen University Town Section of Dasha River. PKU Shenzhen finally ranked second, and won the first prize!

Introduction of sports events

There were a total of 24 teams and 360 players participating in this league. The match score represents the total score accrued by each team. According to the final match score, the champion, the first prize, the second prize and other awards were determined, along with some individual awards including "Sports Moral Awards ", " Best Organization Award", " Best Paddlers Award ", "Best Steerer Award", "Academician Paddlers Award ", "Excellent Coach Award", "Excellent Referee Award" and so on.

Because of the courage and strong will of the PKU Jiaolong rowing team, they kept ranking third in the competitions at Dasha River Station in Nanshan District on November 5 and Maozhouhe Station in Guangming District on November 12. Surprisingly, in the championship race, the PKU Jiaolong rowing team gave chase at the Ecological Corridor University Town section and made a sensational performance, they climbed to the second of the total score rank, and finally won the crown of the expert group and the first prize honor plaque and certificate! Well done!

Congratulations on your top honor!

Date Nov.15.2022 Time