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PKUSZ 1st Faculty Swimming Competition held successfully

Date: Nov.13.2022 Time: Location:

On November 13 morning, the swimming pool in Shenzhen University Town was crowded by nearly 300 faculties and students from Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ) and Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS). They are full of enthusiasm and passion, marching forward courageously.

This very first Faculty Swimming Competition was simultaneously held together with the “Jingwei Intelligent Cup” Swimming League and PKUSZ New Students “Welcoming Cup”Swimming Contest. The competition was guided by PKUSZ Trade Union and PKUSZ Communist Youth League Committee, organized by PKUSZ Student Swimming Association, exclusively sponsored by Shenzhen Jingwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, and strongly supported by Shenzhen Shokz Co., Ltd.

The competition was divided into the men’s/women’s 50-meter freestyle, breaststroke, 4×50-meter freestyle relay, and etc. All events were directly held as the final andproduced the final results:

LIN Yihong, ZHAO Junke, and LIU Zhu all from PHBS are First, Second, and Third place, respectively, in the men’s 50-meter freestyle of faculties. ZHANGJingfrom SECE,CHENJingfrom theOfficeof Academic Research, and DU Yating from STL are First, Second, and Third place, respectively, in the women’s 50-meter freestyle. LIN Yihong, LIU Zhu, and ZHAO Junke all from PHBS are First, Second, and Third place, respectively, in the men’s 50-meter breaststroke. ZHANGJingfrom SECE,ZHENG Yi from SECE, and CHENG Yifan from PHBS are First, Second, and Third place, respectively, in the women’s 50-meter breaststroke. More excitingly, PKU facultiesteamcomposed of LIN Yihong from PHBS, ZHANG Jing from SECE, LIU Zhu from PHBS, and ZHAO Junke from PHBS won in the4×50-meter freestyle relay.  

Our competition has received the attention and support of swimming enthusiasts, professional coaches and athletes. Mr. Qiehe, from welknown WeChat official account‘World Record of Swimming’, has been invited to the scene for live broadcast and sharing marvelous moments of our game for netizens online.

According to the athletes’ results, the top three places in each of the events would have the opportunity to be awarded withhigh-value underwater sportsearphones. The lucky draw,inthe end, was long-awaited by everyone, Prof. ZHU Yuesheng and Prof. JIN Yufeng from SECE as well as Prof. ZUO Jian’e,AssociateDeans of SIGS, were specifically invited for drawing the raffle. At the same time, invited guests shared winners with their experiences, impressing and encouraging the athletes to keep the good habits of physical exercises in addition to theirownprofession. The competition kept the spirit of friendshipfirst,agitatingthe deepest feeling from faculties and students from both PKUSZ and SIGS.

The Faculty Swimming Competition is the very first time held by PKUSZ, and provided teaching and training sections for participants for their better preparation and further improvement of swimming skills. In recent years, more and more faculties and students participated in the competition, indicating the increasing passion and expanding enthusiasts. Thissuccessful event must thank the well-organization by members of the swimming association and great support from the school, looking forward to a better match next year.

Articlefrom Communications and Public Relations Office

Article by FONG Tsz Hei

Edited by WANGShunlun

Photos by ZHANG Hanwen and ZHANG Wendou

Date Nov.13.2022 Time