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PKUSZ successfully co-hosted the "Taoyuan Cup" semi-Marseille in Shenzhen University Town!

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The fifth "Taoyuan Cup" half-marathon in Shenzhen University Town is coming as scheduled! Running in the university town in early spring, the spring breeze wipes the sweat, and the fragrance of flowers accompanies the pace. Everyone is in high spirits, demonstrating the vitality of the "Taoyuan Cup" half-horse in the exclusive university town!

At 7:30 on March 5, the fifth "Taoyuan Cup" half-marathon in Shenzhen University Town was launched in the beautiful Shenzhen University Town. 1000 runners were full of passion and rushed out of the starting line, enjoying the joy of running and releasing the passion of sports. This year's event received a total of nearly 5000 contestants, and finally 1000 contestants were selected. The game was synchronously broadcast online with pictures and videos. The event ended less than 2 hours ago, and the number of hits exceeded 100000.


The "Taoyuan Cup" half-marathon of Shenzhen University Town was jointly sponsored by the X9 University Institute Alliance of Shenzhen Xili Lake International Science and Education City, the Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University, and the Taoyuan Sub-district Office of Nanshan District, Shenzhen. In this event, the alumni and teachers of Peking University actively prepared and participated widely. Their spirit of freedom of thought, openness and inclusiveness injected new vitality into this "Taoyuan Cup" semi-horse!

In order to ensure thesuccessfulholding of the offline race, a strict security plan and emergency plan have been formulated for this race. The Volunteer Department of the Youth League Committee of the Shenzhen Research Institute and the Student Marathon Association recruit 100 race volunteers for college students under their jurisdiction. They arrive at 6 o'clock on time and are active in the distribution of goods, track inspection, starting point guidance, energy supply, order maintenance and other work, The youthful faces constitute the most beautiful scenery of today's university city. In addition, the event organizer is equipped with sufficient security personnel, medical rescue team and staff, as well as 10 doctors and runners to "escort". The dance cheerleaders are set up at the starting point and along the way to create a warm and happy atmosphere for the event, and the event is organized in an orderly, powerful and warm manner.

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