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Seeking Spring | Alumni Activity Celebrates 20 Years of PKUSZ


Colorful alumni activities have always been a tradition of PKUSZ. On April 21st, 2021, PKUSZ, together with PKU Charity Association and Beida Education Foundation (Hong Kong) Ltd, held an unforgettable charitable activity. The activity’s theme was “Seeking Spring in Nanyan.”

The occasion had even greater significance because it was a celebration of PKUSZ’s 20th Anniversary. In recognition of the momentous achievement and to carry forward PKUSZ’s contributions to society into the future, the Alumni Association aimed to promote the spirit of charity in this event.

The four-hour activity attracted more than 60 alumni living and working in Shenzhen. Many of the alumni met each other for the first time at the event.

The activity was divided into five parts: icebreaking games, team challenges, a campus tour, a live broadcast and a lunch party.


At the beginning of the event, in order for alumni to know each other better and expand their social circle more efficiently. The participants represented the broad range of roles PKU alumni take in society; there were professionals in psychological counseling, investment banking, law and so on.

Xie Xiaorong, from the Alumni Affairs Office and Education Foundation , welcomed all the alumni and introduced the activity and the leaders of each group. Zhao Keyu, director of the Alumni Affairs Office and Education Foundation, and Huang Xiulan, also from the office, introduced the recent developments of PKUSZ to the alumni.

The trip was organized around the PKUSZ campus. They journeyed through major academic buildings, along the beautiful Dasha River, and finally to the campus living area, library and stadiums.

The first task was to take pictures and make videos to celebrate PKUSZ’s 20th Anniversary. The teams gathered at the Wusi Tower to make their creations. Each group was enthusiastic and creative, and their final products were energetic and interesting. There is no better gift to PKUSZ than happy and vibrant alumni.

At the Mirror Lake point, the organizer set up a "circle to the end" activity. All members needed to form a circle hand in hand. While only relying on body language and eye communication, alumni had to let a rope circle go through all people's bodies and return to the origin. In the process of the game, the alumni gave full play to their intelligence and physical flexibility and successfully passed the test.

At the last point, which was located in front of the badminton stadium, alumni needed to first make a circle belt out of newspapers. Then, all of the members were required to stand in the belt and work together to march from the start point to the end. This game demanded the group coordinate smoothly. However, every group finished it without the slightest effort.

While the campus visiting activity was proceeding, the alumni affairs team held an online live broadcast with the alumni associations of Shanghai and Hong Kong. The Alumni Affairs Office raised funds for students from poor families in national poverty-stricken mountainous areas in Gansu Province and poor undergraduates at Peking University through the financial aid project for Liushu Township, Dongxiang Autonomous County, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, sponsored by the PKU Charity Association, and the "Xiangjiang soaring" project of Beida Education Foundation (Hong Kong) Ltd.

After the campus visiting activity, the alumni enjoyed a hearty lunch. During the lunch, they shared about their old days in Peking University, their career paths, their future development directions and even their disappointments in life and work. After the four-hour activity, they definitely formed a closer relationship with each other and with PKUSZ.

By Emma Zhao

Edited by Nathan Faber

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