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Hello! New PKUSZer!


By Yan Runhua

From Nanyan News Agency

It is the beginning of the school season again, and Nanyan has ushered in a group of brand-new faces. 1251 new graduate students, coming from all corners of the world, are about to open a wonderful new chapter in life here.

The first major event of the school is the opening ceremony. On the morning of September 2, 2021, the 2021 opening ceremony of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School kicked off. Due to the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, the opening ceremony was chosen to be held in a well-ventilated playground. New students are welcome to embark on the journey of Nanyan here.

At the opening ceremony, the representative of senior students, Dong Zihang, shared her insights on learning and life. Looking back at the fulfilling experience of the past year, she shared her thoughts with everyone, hoping that all freshmen can “work hard” “busy but leisure” “sufficient themselves” but please don’t “sleepless” “ indulge in pleasure” and etc.

Ding Yuancan, a 2021 graduate student of the School of New Materials, delivered a speech as the representative of the freshmen. He told the story of his relationship with Nanyan, where Peking University traditions greatly integrate the special zone spirit of Shenzhen. No matter what challenges we are facing, the people of Peking University have always held the torch high and moved forward with the resolution. He hopes that we can “write your knowledge on the land of the motherland and be a PKUer with ideals and responsibilities.”


The teachers also sent their sincere wishes to the new students. Prof. Ju Lan from PHBS advised the students to think of three questions -- “who am I” “where am I from” and “where will I go”, which would help us be more clear about ourselves and our goals.

Prof. Zhan Qimin, the dean of Peking University Shenzhen Graduated School, summarized the methods of learning into three “hearts”: the heart of patriotism, determination, and practice. He wished all the new students to make great progress in academics and life in Nanyan.

The opening ceremony made everyone impressed with the display of each college’s demeanor. The freshmen of each college dressed in various uniforms and displayed their vigorous spirit with loud slogans, injecting vitality into the opening ceremony and the entire Nanyan campus.


With the efforts of teachers and volunteers, the whole process of the orientation and opening ceremony is much successful. Fifty students participated in this volunteer service and carried out various voluntary work such as guidance for new students in baggage handling, questions answering during the two-day orientation work. They come from many faculties, upholding the original intention of serving juniors and younger sisters and inheriting the beauty of Nanyan.

On the same campus, we have the same identities, “PKUer” and “Nanyaner”, and we also carry our respective missions and glory. We hope the new students have the courage to take responsibility, build dreams with actions and we believe all the Nanyaner will definitely realize the dream in Peking University and set off from then on.

Dear 2021 newcomers, happy school starts!

By Yan Runhua

Edited by Zhang Wendou

Photos: Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School

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