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The 5th Nanyan Sports Culture Festival (the 12th Fun Games of PKUSZ) was Successfully Held


By Zeng Xinlan

From Nanyan News Agency

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ) held its 5th Nanyan Sports Culture Festival (the 12th Fun Games) in the playground on November 17. On this day, a total of 8 representative teams, from 7 Schools and the Functional Department Center, nearly 1,000 teachers and students participated.

The purpose of this Fun Games is to promote the spirit of sports among teachers and students, enhance the friendship between different Schools, and more importantly, prepare for the 20th anniversary of Nanyan with high energy!





 the Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony is the annually brightest highlight of the sports meeting. The flag phalanx marched in as the first team, symbolizing the pioneering, innovative, and courageous attitude of the Schools as well as showing an image of vigorous development and prosperity. Students from each department have also formed troops to showcase their distinct characteristics and culture by a series of dancing, songs and skits. At the end of every performance, the air was filled with cheerful applause and excited hail from the spectators.

At the end of the performance, Prof. Zhang Jin, the chancellor of PKU Shenzhen Graduate School, awarded prizes to the top three teams in the 2021 "Welcome Cup" series, which are HSBC Business School, School of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology, and School of Electronics and Computer Engineering.


Chancellor Zhang Jin and other leaders of PKUSZ

Prof. Zhang Jin addressed a speech for the Fun Games. He expressed his appreciation for the talented and creative performance of the teachers and students, and stated his confidence for the future development of PKUSZ. He noted that this year marks the 20th anniversary of PKUSZ establishment. In the past 20 years, Shenzhen Graduate School adhered to the traditional virtues of Peking University, integrated the spirit of Shenzhen, and took internationalization and interdisciplinary integration as the direction. In the future, PKUSZ will continuingly take the lead and bravely shoulder the responsibility to achieve the prosperity of the Greater Bay Area. Finally, Chancellor Zhang Jin announced the official start of the Fun Games.



The first competition to be carried out was the 4×100m relay. Athletes from eight teams ran to show the Nan Yan speed. The perfect and rapid handover was accompanied by the cheering and cheering of the off-site audience, quickly pushing the atmosphere of the sports meeting to a climax.

Following the relay race, various interesting games launched in the specific area of the sports field. Participating students demonstrated personal excellence and high team spirit in the 800m running, Rope Skipping, Tail of the Dragon, Whirl-Wind Running, Concentric Drum. The performance of the faculties in the dry-land curling was brilliant and won the applause of the audience. The final event was the tug-of-war competition. The swaying ropes on the arena, the persistence of the contestants, and the enthusiastic cheering of the students off the field were integrated, fully displaying the never-give-up spirit of the Schools!


At the ending of the Fun Games, athletes have undergone about three-hour intensive competition. School of Electronics and Computer Engineering, School of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology, and HSBC Business School came out in the top three for total points. An Xiaopeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, presented awards to the representatives of the top three Schools.

This year's Sports Meeting was filled with energy, passion and creativity. The backstage members, volunteers and working staff were prepared and foreseen for all the circumstances. Students embodied positive values, spread the joy of sports and displayed true sportsmanship, making the event a memorable day for everyone this year.


ReporterZeng Xinlan

Editor: Andrew Fong Tsz Hei, Zhang Wendou

Photography: Nanyan News Agency

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