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Thank you for being in my life——2021 Thanksgiving Celebration


By Peng Siwei

From International Affairs Office

The Thanksgiving Celebration, as an annual international event in PKU Shenzhen, was held on the evening of November 25th by the International Affairs Office. This year, the PKUSZ faculty and students gathered together and shared a nice, delicious meal. Although many international professors and students could not attend this event due to the pandemic, the Thursday evening still carried the spirits of graciousness, comradery, and inclusion.

Right upon 7 p.m., a warm welcoming remark chased the cold away before the Celebration began. Everyone picked up a drink and toasted together. In front of the dining hall, there was the Thanksgiving feast. This year, the host kindly prepared the turkey, fruits, cakes, and numerous different kinds of delicious desserts. Undoubtedly, a star in this meal was the turkey which was cooked in a traditional way with herbs, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts as side dishes, perhaps giving the first try for many Chinese students and professors.

The guests were suggested to write down the persons they wanted to thank for the year on a greeting card which would also serve as the ticket for lottery gifts. Then Professor Zhou Qiang gave a speech to thank for everyone’s hard work during the last year, and generously offer help to audiences achieving a more comfortable and happy life. Right after, Professor Park gave a speech to wish people here a good dinner, and sincerely believed that in PKUSZ, teachers, students and staff share love and offer help to each other like living in a big and warm family.

Since Thanksgiving is a festival of celebrating the harvest, the Corn Game is a traditional game that cannot be missed. There were three corns hidden in the dining hall. The guests were encouraged to find them, and the lucky ones would get the chance to attend further games and win more gifts. The corn game brought a lot of fun for everyone.

While the guests were enjoying their turkey, the games began. The host choose five lucky ones from the Thanksgiving cards, and they won a 10-yuan coupon for the university canteen. Then Bella, a faculty’s daughter, volunteered to perform a song to the audience. The corn game, as the most exciting game, started after participants enjoyed the beautiful song. Unfortunately, there were only two corns found. The one who peels corn kernels fastest and estimates the most accurate amount of the kernels would win the game. The participants showed unexpected competitiveness, and the dining hall was full of laughter.

Feeling full and joyful, every guest wore a satisfied and pleasant smile. Friends hugged and wished each other a better 2022. The Thanksgiving Celebration ended, but the spirit of sharing and helping would long last in the future.

Reporter: Peng Siwei

Editor: Marco Li; Amber Jiang

Photographer: Zhang Yuan

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