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PKU Shenzhen 2022 Graduation


On June 23, the 2022 Peking University (PKU) Shenzhen Graduation Ceremony was greatly held in the auditorium of the HSBC Business School Building. In total, 1020 students were awarded with degrees, including 68 doctoral candidates, respectively. Specifically, 32 international students, 16 graduates from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, 140 MBA and 94 EMBA graduates, as well as 140 application masters of equal education level were successfully graduated with all together.


The ceremony this year was strictly accorded with the Epidemic Prevention Standards with thorough disinfection and sanitation of the hall.  Meanwhile, the celebration was opened via “offline + cloud live stream” for graduates (around 300) who cannot join.


Ceremony in the auditorium


HAI Wen, Deputy director of the Council of PKU and Former Vice President of PKU; ZHANG Jin, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen; TAN Wenchang, Secretary of the Party committee; YANG Zhen, Executive Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen; PAN Feng, Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen; AN Xiaopeng, QI Guowei, ZOU Yuexian, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee; BAI Zhiqiang, Former Executive Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen; ZENG Hui, Former Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen; REN Ting, Former Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Party Secretary of HSBC Business School, Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen; WANG Fang, 1989 graduated Alumni and WANG Shengyang, 2006 graduated Alumni; as well as leaders, faculties representative were attending the graduation ceremony which was presided over by WANG Pengfei, Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen.


The rostrum


Vice Chancellor Wang Pengfei taking preside

Welcoming music was gently raised right after the guests arrived. The celebration performances presented by Nanyan Art Troupe and top 10 campus singers were taking everyone reminiscing the pure and innocent age through the dancing show ‘Young memories’ and singing series of ‘Crowded world’‘Downhill’, ‘New boy’, and ‘Never say goodbye’. The sincerest blessings to the graduates were delivered by the shows, wishing them to hold the enthusiasm and perseverance to lighten the future and catch the shadows of each other across the vast world.



Opening performances


A music video ‘Diving into the Ocean’ produced by graduates from different Schools was disclosing the school-time memories of every student. Now, campus life has come to an end, teens will eventually step into the future path as sprays chasing the waves into the sea, like the lyrics say: Growing takes the time, while dream takes the growing.


Music video celebrating Graduation


All the graduates gathered to sing ‘Yan Yuan Qing’ which converges the cultural heritage and spirit inheritance of PKU, expressing the succeeding gene of PKUers personalities.


Chorusing ‘Yan Yuan Qing’


Warm-up session afterwards, the Graduation ceremony kicked off with the majestic National Anthem.


DAN Yuzhuo, the graduation representative from the School of Urban Planning and Design, shared her growing itinerary of experiencing numerous “the first time” when she was a naive girl, and how she walked with many Nanyaners and dreams. She would like to stay in Shenzhen after graduation for contributing this city’s miracle, speed and dream.


 Representative DAN Yuzhuo speaking

Natalia Sabova, the representative of international students from the School of Transnational Law, presented her speech online about the challenging but beneficial academic experience brought by PKU where has taught her to tackle problems from diverse angles, the understanding of Chinese culture, along with an opening new vision. She encouraged that every graduate should start his/her new journey and leave the comfort zone to discover the unexplored world and colorful future.


International students representative Natalia Sabova speaking online


TONG Dandan, the representative of faculty from HSBC Business School, gave a speech expressing her deep feeling that a PKUer should undergo the process of ‘breaking’ and ‘reshaping’ to establish and retain inner pride. She wished that the graduates could seek their orientation in a wider scope in order to grow up from their own life lessons.


Faculty representative Tong Dandan speaking


WANG Shengyang, the representative of alumni from the School of Electronics and Computer Engineering, graduated in 2006 with a Master’s degree and is the founder, chairman and general manager of NOVOSENSE. He provided three suggestions to graduates through a video: 1) choosing and sticking to a certain long-term direction, 2) embracing the short-term results of uncertainty, and 3) always thinking independently; he also wished everyone live up to their time and era.


Alumni representative WANG Shengyang speaking online


Ms. Wang Fang, the representative of alumni from the Chinese Department of PKU, is the Secretary General of Shenzhen Alumni Association of PKU, Secretary General of Shenzhen Songhe growth Care Foundation, and Chairman of ‘Over the rainbow’ National Cultural Exchange Center. She sent three tips to all the students: 1) building own spiritual world through reading classics and broadening horizons, 2) inheriting, reflecting and polishing the responsibility and the name of Peking University by an individual halo, and 3) experiencing the ideal of life, the innermost love and pleasantness via reading a novel ‘Golden rose’.


Alumni representative WANG fang speaking


ZHANG Jin, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen addressed his speech online. At this farewell moment, he hoped that every graduate could remember that the best way to fulfill the value of life is to make own self a person who can create incremental values for the country and society. He also shared a few thoughts to the graduates: 1) hoping that every graduate can inherit the innovation DNA from PKU and Shenzhen, aim high and stay persistent towards their goals, PKU has always been the pioneer of innovation, so PKUers who are immersed in the spirit of innovation of both PKU and Shenzhen should do some ‘different’ things from the ordinary; 2) hoping that graduates will be a lifetime learner whose curiosity of the unknown never subsides, the only way to advance with time is to keep learning and empowering themselves, which will lay the foundation for creating values; and 3) hoping that graduates can accelerate their “life engine” to the maximum speed, and keep up the good work with integrity and perseverance, remembering no matter what position they are going to assume, they will continue to stride forward regardless of the setbacks, and resist the temptation of immediate gratifications; even the most unassuming job is not without merits, they can always climb high and would not forget the valley from whence they came. Just as “the wind is born from the land and springs up in the tips of the green duckweed”, he hoped that graduates will make continuous efforts with enormous courage that supports them to stand up to obstacles. In this way, he hoped everyone will become a person who creates incremental values and their own future.


The Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen ZHANG Jin addressing online


Subsequently, the Executive Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen, YANG Zhen, announced the ‘Decision of Peking University on Commending the Outstanding Graduates of 2022’ and the list of the outstanding graduates. The Deputy director of the Council of PKU and Former Vice President of PKU, HAI Wen, turned the tassels for the outstanding graduates and awarded them the certificates.


Turning tassels for the Outstanding graduates


Afterwards, the Executive Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen, YANG Zhen, announced the list of doctoral students, the Deputy Director of the Council of PKU and Former Vice President of PKU, HAI Wen, turned the tassels for them. Then the leader of each School read the list of master’s graduates. The Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen, WANG Pengfei, read the graduates’ list of the senior professional training courses. The Secretary of the Party committee, TAN Wenchang, and the Executive Vice Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen, YANG Zhen, turned the tassels for master’s students.




Turning the tassels


The memories of yesterday are telling us to walk on a new road today. The 2022 graduation ceremony was coming to an end in a familiar passionate melody of ‘Singing the motherland’. In Shenzhen, the forefront of reform and opening up, the Nanyan students of 2022 will continue the ancestry of PKU and carry the spirit of PKU Shenzhen to contribute to the society for achieving their own excellence in career and life.

It is reported that 113 of the 1020 PKU Shenzhen graduates were awarded with the ‘Outstanding graduate of PKU’, of which 37 were awarded with the honorary title of the ‘Outstanding graduate of Beijing colleges and universities’. As of mid-June, about 94% of the 2022 full-time graduates have confirmed the offers from different areas of the society and will devote their precious life to the positions or places that the country and people most needed, making contributions and building undertakings.


Farewell to graduates


Taking pictures for all graduates


Specified souvenir for graduates


Check-points for taking photos


The graduation season of 2022 showed a dense atmosphere of reminiscent which was brought by the neon lights at the lakeside and three retro scenes at Building A square demonstrated with distinctive characteristics of both PKU and PKU Shenzhen. Graduates can check them out with specialized PKU T-shirts, a photo wall, as well as a message area of Nanyan, and take pictures with these memory traces that could be uniquely cherished in everyone’s deepest mind. At the same time, the college has exclusively customized luggage for each graduate, and they will also find a teddy bear wearing a graduation gown printed with their name, a specified Nanyan Rubik’s cube, alumni bookmarks, and customized Nanyan masks.

Written by WANG Kejia and WANG Lin

Translated by FONG Tsz Hei and WANG Shunlun

 Edit by MA Xiye 

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