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The 2022 PKUSZ Opening Ceremony


From 宣传与公关办公室

       This year, the opening of the academic year at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School is celebrated at the athletes field on the morning of September 28, 2022. The opening ceremony was chaired by TAN Wenchang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Graduate School.



The opening ceremony at the athlete’s field


           During the ceremony, WU Yuwei, the representative of senior students, looked back on the transformation of her own identity on campus and shared her thoughts and ideas about life here. She hoped that all new PKUers would show their values, hard-working spirit, and national sentiment. Miss WU also gave a sincere anticipation to all the new students, hoping that they would explore themselves and develop to be young people who are realistic, idealistic, and straightforward, but not utilitarian, weak, nor radical.


WU Yuwei delivered a speech


              Professor WANG Ronggang from the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering, as teacher’s representative, sent his expectations and wishes for spending a valuable and happy postgraduate career. He brought the tips of the three sources of happiness to the new students: academic success, harmonious interpersonal relationships, and a healthy body. Prof. WANG hoped that students should seize every opportunity to exercise their communication skills, develop a sense of active conversation, establish a positive interaction with their surroundings, and integrate into the lab, the school, as well as the society.


Professor WANG Ronggang sent his wishes to the new postgraduates


LU Runze, from the School of Transnational Law, Class of 2022, spoke as a representative of the new students. He said that we are going to join the developing direction of our country and society, as well as the trend of reform and innovation of the era. The best interpretation of youth is to sail without fear of wind and rain, after we have chosen the coordinates for our departure at Nanyan.



LU Runze addressed the audience


Finally, ZHANG Jin, Vice President of Peking University and Chancellor of PKU Shenzhen Graduate School, delivered a speech. He put forward three expectations for the new students. First, to be a striver with a sense of "the greatness of the country" in mind, firmly contributing the country with learning and dedication. Second, to be a persistent marcher, sharpening the will of perseverance and immortality of power. Third, be a pioneer to forge ahead and develop the character of innovation with bold exploration. President ZHANG also reviewed the new construction and renovation of the student activity center and sports facilities to encourage students in strengthening their physical exercise, building a healthy body, and maintaining physical and mental health.


President ZHANG Jin put forward expectations for the new students


After the opening ceremony, at the Student Activity Center in Building 6, President ZHANG Jin checked out the hall, Yuexiang space (including multimedia room and seminar room), dance room, multi-function hall, and gymnasium on site. He also listened to the report of relevant personnel about the current situation of using the student activity center, problems and maintenance, eventually expressing concern for students.


The opening ceremony of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School 2022 came to a successful conclusion. With knowledge and struggle, joy and longing, everyone will start their own Nanyan time with enrichment, writing their future Nanyan stories with excitement.

Article from Communications and Public Relations Office

Article by CHEN Shurui

Edited by FONG Tsz Hei and WANG Shunlun

Reviewed by MA Xiye

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