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Congratulation! PKUSZ consecutively wins the Tenth Champion!


From 宣传与公关办公室

On April 21st and 22nd, the 30th Peking University Sports Culture Festival & 2023 Spring Athletes Meet are successfully concluded at the May Fourth Stadium on PKU main campus.


Athletes Meet at May Fourth Stadium

The athlete team from PKU Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ) has lived up to expectations, and consecutively won the 10th Champion with a total score of 365.5, standing out from all other schools!



Group photo of athletes

In this game, a total of 59 PKUSZ athletes have taken part in 19 events, winning 4 Gold, 5 Silver & 3 Bronze in the regular events, along with 3 Gold, 1 Silver & 3 Bronze in fun games. PKUSZ led the second runner place by 170.5 points, creating history again and continuing the honor ofTeam of Dream.

At the opening ceremony, the passionateAthlete Marchignites the prelude and excited the atmosphere. PKUers showcased their spirit with agile steps by one and one well-organized square array. One of the squares is formed by athletes of PKUSZ, approaching toward the audience with neat steps, vigorous postures, passionate slogans, and firm shouts of slogans.

The representative team of PKUSZ this year is led by An Xiaopeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, which exhibited a high-speed train model symbolizing the high-quality development of ‘AI4S’. By combining the characteristics of eight Schools in PKUSZ, the team demonstrated the basis and focuses of PKUSZ of ‘stability’ and ‘progress’, respectively, showcasing the development concept of ‘problem-oriented, north-south linkage, AI traction, and innovation integration’, and the commitment of building the ‘New Engineering’ southern base of PKU. In the end, the dance performance ofNanyan Towards the Futureamazed the audience at the May Fourth Sports Stadium, causing bursts of applause and cheers.

The PKUSZ square & high-speed train

Various competition events have begun one after another, athletes from Nanyan played stable and are unstoppable. The annual PKU Sports Culture Festival & Athletes Meet is not only a grand event for the entire school, but also one of the unique showcases of PKUSZ to all teachers and students.


Excellent athletes during the games

Looking forward to another brilliant result next year!


Meanwhile, on a wider road outside the arena, Nanyan students are hoped to bloom with unique brilliance by firmly engraving the ‘Physical and Personality Education’ in their minds!

Translate by FONG Tsz Hei

Edit by WANG Shunlun

Reviewed by MA Xiye

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