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Studying in PKU, Striving for Our Nation: President Gong Qihuang’s Speech at the Orientation Class to new PKUSZers


From 宣传与公关办公室

On September 6th, Peking University held theOrientation Class for new graduatestudents, along with an orientation session at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ). Gong Qihuang, President of Peking University and Dean of the Graduate School, delivered theOrientation Class. Vice President and Provost Wang Bo presided over the event. Zhang Jin, Vice President of PKUand Chancellor of PKUSZ, Jiang Guohua, Vice Provost of PKU and Vice Dean ofthe Graduate School, and Hai Wen, Vice Chairman of PKU Council and Founding Dean of PKU HSBC Business School (PHBS), also attended.

Theevent was held both online and offline with students at different classrooms. Thetwo main classrooms are in the Auditorium at PHBS in Shenzhen, and in Yingjie Communication Center atPKU campus in Beijing, respectively. There are a total of 74 sub-classrooms inall campuses and departments, with over 10,000 new graduate students (3,781 doctoral students and 6,798 master students) attendingtogether.


The Orientation Class is on the topic “Studying in PKU, Striving for Our Nation”. In the class, PresidentGong introduced the history and development ofPKU andits graduateeducation,as well as the development of PKU graduate education in the process of building a world-class university rooted in China. He also emphasized the mission and responsibilities of PKU graduate students in the new era. He conveyed the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), encouraging the students to diligently study and conduct research, shouldering the mission ofour era.

President Gong Qihuang delivering theOrientation Class to PKU Graduate Students of 2023

President Gong reviewed the development ofPKU and its graduate education. Since its inception, PKU, as the starting point of modern higher education in China, has shouldered the national mission and historical responsibility. It has alwayskept its pace with the development of theCPC, the country, the era, andthe society.Nowadays, PKU has become one of the world-class universities, with some disciplines rankingtop. Due to the continuous efforts, the goal of "Double First-Class" construction has beenaccomplished with great achievements. PKU adheres to attracting and gathering talents for the country, promotes the coordinated development of basic and applied disciplines, and takes students' needs as the starting point and foothold, providing high-quality services for the students.

Students Attentively Listening to the Orientation Class

The graduate educationof PKU began in 1917 and has developed for over 100 years,gathering renowned scholars andnurturing outstanding talents. In 2020 National Graduate Education Conference, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, has made important instructions on graduate education, which marked that the graduate education of China has entered into a new era.PKU has always been deeply studying and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC.Focusing on the growth and development of students, PKU strengthens the construction of the “Three-wide Education” system, actively serves the needs of the CPC and the country, and continuously enhances the quality and brings out the full potential of graduate education, and strives to cultivate a large number of high-level talents for the cause of the CPC and the country.

Based on the achievements of PKU graduate students throughout different periods, President Gong expresseshis expectations of the students of 2023. First,love anddedicate to our country,to always maintain a patriotic spiritand utter innocence,andinherit the glorious tradition ofPKUers who have devoted themselves to the cause of the nation and aspire to advance together with the era and society. Second, pursue truth and innovation, to seek genuine knowledge, develop practical skills, prioritize academic pursuits, uphold academic integrity, and strive for truth and excellence. Third, earnestly practise whatthey advocate, promote virtues andpursuemoral integrity. President Gongfurther stated that, under the nourishment of PKU, students are encouraged to closelylink their own ideals with the future of the country and connect their lives with the destiny of the nation. The students should cherish this great era and strive in this new era, and cherish the precious time for learning and write their own splendid life stories, together continuing to write the brilliant chapter of PKU in the new era!

The Representative of PKUSZ New Graduate Students Presenting a Hand-drawn Comic to President Gong Qihuang

Dean Jiang Guohua gave a report titled “Your Journey of Graduate Education in PKU.” He pointed out that PKU graduate education implements the fundamental task of cultivating virtue and talents, focusing on the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents who can lead disciplinary innovation, promote social development, with a global vision and international competitiveness. He introduced the goals and measures of PKU graduate education, the process and stages, comprehensive training platforms, and funding policies. He also provided detailed information on training systems and regulations, emphasizing the importance of understanding and complying with the school's rules and regulations.Dean Jiang Guohua hoped the graduate students of 2023 could make good use of the resources and opportunities by PKU, rigorously conduct academic research, pursue truth, and make a good plan for their future academic developmentthus to achieve better academic growth.

Fan Zhi, director of Peking University Student Career Center (PKUSCC) gave a lecture titled “Setting Sail for Dreamswith PKUSCC by your side.” He introduced theplacement data of graduatestudents in recent years and that of PKU graduatestudents. He provided career planning advice to the students.

Yang Jing, director of the Preventive Healthcare Department atPKU Hospital, gave a lecture on the prevention and control of COVID-19 and infectious diseases, as well as healthcare-related knowledge.

Scene at the Sub-Classrooms

The Orientation Class and orientation session are important parts ofnew studens education. Over the past decade, PKU has consistently provided explanations of training requirements and introduced relevantrules and regulations to help students adapt to the new stage of learning, research, and life. In recent years,leaders at PKU have taught theOrientation Class for new graduate studentsin person, educating and guiding them to strengthen their ideals and beliefs and cultivate noble character. PKU will continue to implement various measures for graduate education, strengthen the management of the traning process, improve training quality, and continuously support the faster growth and better development of graduate students.

Translation by XIE Jiaqi

Edited by WANG Shunlun and YAN Yuchen

Reviewed by MA Xiye

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