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You have a championship arrving! Please check!


April 19-20

The 31st Sports Culture Festival of Peking University

And the Spring Games of 2024

Perfectly ended in the May 4th Stadium

Shenzhen Graduate School Athlete Team stable performance

All team events have won the championship!

The total score is as high as 386.5

Successfully won the championship!

After the ten crowns in 2023

Shenzhen Graduate School

Achieved a new achievement of eleven crowns!

Group Photo

Hard work is the most beautiful posture

Surpassing oneself is the best state!

In this competition

Shenzhen Graduate School has a total of 44 athletes

Participated in 34 events

Leading the second place by171.5 points and Peking University student

Continued the honor of the "Dream Team" at the school games

Create a new height of sports honor in Shenzhen Graduate School!

The vigorous steps still go on, and it is time to sail

The passionate athlete's march ignites the prelude to the sports meeting

The wonderful opening ceremony

Showcased the style of Peking University students

Steady steps, high spirits

Conveying the characteristics of each college and faculty

Nanyan Garden·New Starting Point·New Journey, the representative team of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School is coming. This year's Shenzhen Graduate School square team is led by An Xiaopeng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Shenzhen Graduate School. With a neat team, vigorous posture, passionate fighting spirit, and firm belief, the students of the Shenzhen Graduate School use the vitality of youth and the vigorous spirit to show the hot and upward power of Nanyan Garden. They use the "Nanyan Time" calendar as the context to display the brilliant course of Nanyan Garden's hard work for 23 years. The square array changes, the flags are hunting, and the eight colleges work together to build dreams for the future. Like a paper kite dancing lightly, Nanyan spread its wings in Shenzhen. With AI4S as the guide, the students of Nanyan are vigorous and youthful, and their outstanding performances have won the applause and cheers of the audience.

Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School square team

Various competition events have started one after another

Nanyan athletes are steady

Day after day of training, persistent hardworking

At this moment, it becomes the most powerful weapon

The "closing" does not mean ending and the sports do not disperse

The annual school games are not only a school event

It is also an excellent opportunity for Shenzhen Graduate School to show

The unique style of Nanyan students

Every achievement is due to the sweat that has been shed

Every breakthrough of self comes from day after day of training

This year, Shenzhen Graduate School scored a total of

386.5 points to win the honor of the first group

Continue the unbeaten myth

Won the new honor of eleven crowns

Looking forward to creating brilliance next year!

Complete personality, first in sports

Firmly engraved in the hearts of every Peking University student

Hundreds of boats compete, and the strugglers are first

Working hard is the most beautiful posture

Off the court, on a broader road

Nanyan students can also shine their unique light

Come on! Nanyan athletes!

See you next spring!

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