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Tulane University Professor Mazhar Islam Presents his work at PKU HSBC Business School


     With the amount of global pollution ratio increasing at a staggering rate, renewable energy is one of many possible solutions to this menace but it is formidable for governments all around the globe to deal with this challenge alone.Governments these days do not lack much of the needed financial support but most importantly long for intellectual and creative backing, which is only possible when high caliber creative individuals come forward with their ideas and persuade their country’s government to invest in their start-ups. Keeping this idea in mind, many of the developed countries’ governments have now dwelled into venture capital in the Renewable Energy Sector. The Government of United States is one such example which was also the main subject of Dr. Mazhar Islam and his colleague’s research.

     On 23rd December 2015, Dr. Mazhar Islam who is an Assistant Professor (visiting) at Tulane University presented his work: Unraveling the Benefits of Inter-organizational Endorsements for Start-ups: The Role of Government Research Grants in Venture Capital Financing in a seminar at Peking University HSBC Business School.

     Professor Islam, received his PhD in strategic Management from the Carlson School of Management University of Minnesota and an MS in Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has a vast teaching and professional experience and also has various papers published onto his credit. Moreover, he has also presented his work in numerous conferences and seminars all across Europe, US and Canada. Professor Islam’s main research interests are Strategic choices of start-ups and their implications and collaborative strategies for technological innovation and growth.

     In his presentation at PKU HSBC Business School, Professor Islam discussed how US government’s decision in granting funds to start-ups in the renewable energy sector affects the future of those firms. He elaborated this point by giving various examples of some big companies, who are now industry giants and received funding from US government in their early days. In their research Professor Islam and his colleagues by applying numerous models on their research sample found out that those firms that receive government funding in their initial days, are likely to survive in the market and my also win some other government grants and raise capital through Private Venture Capital firms.

     The interesting seminar concluded with a Q&A session with the guest Professor both from PKU HSBC business school’s Professors and students.
Reported by Fayeza Yahya


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