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Dr. Setty Pendakur Talks on the Transport Sector Challenge


       Dr. V. Setty Pendakur from the University of British Columbia gave a talk on Transport Sector Challenges at the transition from 12-5 Plan to 13-5 Plan at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School on 16th October.
     During the conference, Dr. V. Setty Pendakur talked about the issues in detail. His report can be divided into five parts: global background of transportation development, the transportation and its economic benefits, the transportation under the developing technology, the transportation and our social life,and the transportation and our city structure.
     At the beginning, Dr. V. Setty Pendakur showed us a series of pictures about the global development of our social life such as the “Trade Agreement & National Union,” “Air Service & Sea Service Agreement,” “Tourism & Passport Agreement,” and “Priority in Sino Fundamental Equipment Construction”.  After that, he pointed out that all these factors made transportation the first problem in the 12-5 plan. Only under a fast and convenient expressway can we deliver our goods on time or make it possible to fly from one place to the other side of the Earth within a single day.
     As a developing country, China is now facing an enormous challenge to cope with the balance between the environmental problems and the social development. We need to realize the sustainable development of transportation to win a place in international competition. Dr. V. Setty Pendakur also pointed out a possible strategy. He suggested that we need to learn more from the experiences of western countries. We should combine the natural factors with the city structure. And practice also makes the perfect. We need to put the theory from books into action.
     All in all, we should firmly believe that our country will soon become one of the most attractive Nations all over the world.

Reported By Doris Diao
Edited by Megan Mancenido

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