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Together for a Shared Future!


By Wu Xian

From Nanyan News Agency


2022 Olympic Winter Games was held in Beijing, China. With the requirements of organizing a “streamlined, safe, and splendid” Games, Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games came up with a shortlist and conducted several rounds of interviews online tests for the shortlisted intern candidates. Several students from School of Translational Law (STL) at Peking University were finally recruited.

Now, Nanyan News Agency has interviewed some interns to share their life and work in the preparation of Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Let’s see what their life looks like!

Zeng Fanbo


I’m Zeng Fanbo, a second-year student from STL. Now, I’m working at 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Committee as a Deputy Marketing Manager of Wukesong Sport Center. Although the workload is burdensome, we keep full of passion and expectation towards the Game. What impressed me the most is that, after several weeks of efforts for Test Game, all the staff, interns, volunteers of Wukesong Sport Center sang the song “Together for Shared future”, which is the theme song of 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games, to celebrate the successful completion of Test Game.

From 2008 to 2022, from summer to winter, we will do our best but not try our best for 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games to show that China deserves all the cheers.

Jiao Jinzhu

My name is Jiao Jinzhu. I am currently studying at STL. I am the Director of both Sustainability Legacy and the Venue Operation Center in National Sliding Center. Generally, my job is to actualize the sustainable environmental, social, and economic development by improving ecological environment, green development of regional economy and social progress. Moreover, I am responsible for the daily management and operation of the National Sliding Center during the Game. This work makes me busy, but very fulfilling. I proud to work for the preparation of 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

By the way, one of the unforgettable experiences in my work is that I compiled the daily schedule of IBSF Bobsleigh & Skeleton International Sanctioned Race 2021/2022. I must consider the working points and operation times of thousands of people in the whole stadium. This work has fully exercised my ability of communication and overall planning.

It is getting closer and closer to the opening day of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. As a witness and participant in this event, I will devote myself to the daily work of National Sliding Center and strive to contribute a wonderful, extraordinary and excellent Olympic event to the world.

Wang Jiaming

I am Wang Jiaming, a 3L student in STL. I work as a Supervisor of Yanqing Mountain Cluster Venue Operation Center.

In generalmy work is to manage all competition venues in Yanqing. There are two subordinate competition venues in Yanqing, including Yanqing National Sliding Center and Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Center. Specifically, I have to compile daily operation plan and operation report, as well as should collect information of various venues and report the special circumstances, etc.

“Xue You Long” National Bobsled Center

Yanqing Winter Olympic Village

Also, there were so much works and I often spent the whole day on doing them, e.g., I participated in the management of IBSF Bobsleigh & Skeleton International Sanctioned Race 2021/2022 in October and November. During the competition period, all staffs need to be conducted with closed-loop management. We worked from six-to-eleven for 50 days. I have never experienced such a high-intensity work life and it is not easy to stick to it in retrospect.

I hope that this event will be held successfully without any COVID-19 cases. One foreign athlete was tested positive during IBSF Bobsleigh & Skeleton International Sanctioned Race 2021/2022. The whole team was very nervous then. I hope there will be no similar situation when the Olympic Winter Games begins.

Yang Tianjiao

My name is Yang Tianjiao. I am a student of STL. I work as a Marketing Partner Services Manager of National Aquatics center curling venue. I deeply feel the hardships and difficulties of hosting a world-class sports event, especially when the global public health is suffering from the challenge of coronavirus.

I work in the Marketing Department. Mainly my work is to implement the rights of sponsors. This work sounds simple and has rules to follow, but the actual implementation involves multi department linkage, which is very cumbersome.

The epidemic has posed a great challenge to the Winter Olympics. My expectation for the Winter Olympics is that this year’s epidemic situation can be eased, the Winter Olympics can be held smoothly, and the national athletes can achieve good results.

Dou Jiancong


I am Dou Jiancong, a 2L student in STL. I am a P2 of Marketing Partner Services in Rights Protection at Big Air Shougang. I voluntarily undertook the work from Beijing 2022 Official Store and Big Air ShougangBAS. After working in the BAS during the day, I went to the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. In addition to the two above-mentioned work, I also take an additional job responsibility: deputy manager of rights protection. I have to inspect the venues every week and make sure that there are "zero" occurrences of illegal trademarks in the venues.

Moreover, I did not forget to bring the spirit of the Winter Olympics back to Peking University. As a member of the publicity group of PKU Shenzhen Graduate School, I introduced my work in the Winter Olympics in detail to teachers and students in Taoyuan Street Elementary School by remote video. The spirit of dedication to the Winter Olympics has been passed on without reservation.

Under these three responsibilities, they also reflect three expectations of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee President Pu Xuedong and the Peking University Youth League Teachers on the first day of the report, namely: Treat everyone with enthusiasm and kindness; learn everything; take care of everything.


I hope that the Winter Olympics can serve as a window into the epidemic era and show the world what China really looks like. I also hope that Olympic athletes from all over the world can have extraordinary performance and show a higher, faster and stronger Olympic spirit. We will provide the best service for the competition, and we also look forward to the star athlete——Gu Ailing to play her best level and win glory for our country!

Zhang Xinran


I am Zhang Xinran, from STL. I am now working as a Medalist Operation Schedule Supervisor of Medalist Transportation Service Team in Zhangjiakou Medals Plaza. Zhangjiakou Medals Plaza will host 49 award ceremonies during the Winter Olympics and 44 award ceremonies during the Winter Paralympics. It is the plaza with the most award ceremonies and the heaviest task of awarding awards in the Winter Olympics. During the competition, our team is responsible for picking up all award-winning athletes from Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, competition venues and other non-competitive venues to the award square to participate in the award ceremony and accompany them throughout the competition.


As the operation schedule supervisor of the award-winning athletes, I undertake the overall preparation and modification of the award schedule and daily operation plan during the competition, and act as an English contact station to conduct emergency contact with the award-winning athletes.

During the four months preparation of the Winter Olympics, the key words of my feelings are "creation", "moving" and "pride".

In terms of the nature of my work, the preparation for the Winter Olympics itself is far from what I have learned in my major. If I did not have the opportunity to participate in this event, I might never have imagined how the exciting events and exciting awards moments were born.

All this was created: I saw that a beautiful stage emerged from scratch at the 100-day countdown from the opening to the 60-day countdown; I prepared the team operation plan and learned that analyzing and solving problems is not to find the right answers, but to strive to create the best results; I see that the epidemic has made all the work difficult and slow, but it has never stalled the preparation of the event. All the difficulties and unknowns are just calling for more creativity and imagination to overcome the difficulties.


During the games, many IOC staff from all over the world will work with us. In order to ensure zero error in epidemic prevention and control, all foreign staff must go through more strict epidemic prevention and control measures before they can really come to the site of the Winter Olympics. When an IOC expert came to inspect our work, I accompanied him as an interpreter. The celebration expert from Switzerland arrived at the Medals Plaza and said the first sentence in front of our welcome: "finally!". He touched his elbows with the staff present, surveyed the details of the Medals Plaza one by one, and did not take off his mask in the whole process. On that day, I suddenly felt that the Winter Olympics was really coming. I remembered what IOC President Samaranch said in the greeting video sent to the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee: "we should have sat together today". In order to create this grand event in 2022athletes and Winter Olympic staff all over the world are trying their best to get rid of interference and prepare for the game. I think we are all practitioners of the Olympic spirit and we are all creating the miracle of the Winter Olympic Games.


As a member of the Medalist Transportation Service Team, I hope I can work with all the staff to provide the most punctual, efficient and safe transportation service for the award-winning athletes from all over the world, and create the most wonderful and unforgettable award ceremony for them. I hope all the award-winning athletes can enjoy their highlight moment. I also expect people can know and understand China better through the ceremonies and performances in the Medals Plaza. Besides, I hope spectators and ice lovers all over the world can feel excited and hopeful under the inspiration of the Olympic spirit.

Xue Ye

I am Xue Ye, from STL. I am working in Chinese Olympic committee marketing department, and as a Vice Manager of marketing department in National Indoor Stadium. 

How do I feel during the preparations for the Winter Olympics? -- Happiness in pain! Our team belongs to both the Beijing Winter Olympic Committee and the venue operation team and thus we have to complete both affairs of the Committee and the venue. My main work in committee is to draft official documents while the work in the venues focuses on the business preparation of Beijing 2022 Official Store and China Post.

There were two events that impressed me during my internship. First, I participated in the general meeting of sponsoring enterprises and met many leaders of sponsoring enterprises. I met Chairman Han Zirong face to face (PS. she's really very temperament! She's a goddess!). Second, I went through the November Test of the National Pavilion, during which I conducted audience stress tests in Beijing 2022 Official Store and China Post. Although there was almost no time to rest in those days, I watched a game with my colleagues on the last day. In short, although my daily work is very busy, I am very satisfied to see that my work can be rewarded.


During the competition, we will also be responsible for the reception area of sponsoring enterprises and provide various services for the audience of sponsoring enterprises. However, this reception space has not been tested yet. I hope it can run smoothly! I also hope the competition can be a complete success!

In the preparation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, games volunteers of Peking university are very responsible and hardworking, fully demonstrating the Olympic spirit of striving for progress and the excellent quality of PKU students. We hope their experience can fully inspire all PKU students, and we also hope that the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held smoothly and show the world a strong China.

Dear Nanyan interns, thanks sincerely for your contribution to the success of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games! Wish you will gain friendship and realize your dreams in the Olympic family, which must be the most unforgettable memories in your lives. 

This moment, we are together for a shared future!

Reporter: Wu Xian

Editor: Andrew Fong Tsz Hei, Zhang Wendou

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