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Scholars from PKU Shenzhen were selected into the list of top 2% scientists in the world and the list of "highly cited scholars in China" 2021, setting a new record


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Apr 18th, 2022, Stanford University releases the list of the top 2% scientists in the world by 2021. The list is a result of Elsevier and Professor John P. A. Ioannidis' team's project from Stanford University, which is published on the Mendeley data website of Elsevier. Based on the systematic analysis of the cited data in the Scopus database, the list selects the top 2% of the world's scientists from nearly 7million scientists according to "career influence" and "annual influence" based on six comprehensive indicators including the cited number, H-index and HM-factor which are divided into 22 fields and 176 molecular fields; This statistical method provides a measurement index for scientists' long-term scientific research performance and its also can reflect scientists' influence more objectively and truly.




In PKUSZ, eight scholars were selected into the "career influence" list of the top 2% of the world's top scientists (162 in total at Peking University). They are TAN Wenchang, WU Yundong, YANG Zhen, PAN Feng, MENG Hong, ZHAO Pengjun, Shou Lin, Jay Jiayang Cheng.


Furthermore, 19 scholars were selected for the "effective scholar of the year" list of the top 2% of the world's top scientists. They are TAN Wenchang, WU Dongyun, YANG Zhen, PAN feng, MENG Hong, ZHAO Pengjun, LIU Hong, LI Zigang, WU Jiansheng, CHEN Jie, ZHANG Jian, YANG Jiawen, ZHENG Jiaxin, XU Nan, LEI Kai, Jay Jiayang Cheng, HUANG Chong, YAN Zhaoyi, ZHU Zaichun 19 people in total.



The discipline directions of the selected scholars involve Biomedical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Network and Telecommunications, Materials, Urban and Regional planning, environmental sciences, and other fields that are consistent with regional strategic emerging industries. The breadth of subject areas of selected scholars in PKUSZ confirms the development strategy of constructing a high-level talent team, academic research, and regional industry coupling of our graduate school.


Elsevier, a global information analytics company, Officially released 2021 highly cited Chinese researchers list. This list takes Scopus, an authoritative global citation and index database, as the statistical source of Chinese scholars' scientific research achievements and uses the method developed by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy CO., Ltd. to analyze the performance of Chinese scholars' scientific research achievements. Since this list was released eight times from 2015 to 2022, it has been highly concerned by many media and scholars at home and abroad. The highly cited Chinese Researchers' list is cited by the authoritative global citation and index database, Scopus, as Chinese scholars' academic research standard. On the list, there are 4701 people from 523 Universities, enterprises, and scientific research institutions, covering ten discipline fields and 84 first-class disciplines.


Five scholars in our grade school are on the list: Academician ZHAN Jin, Professor TAN Wenchang, Professor PAN Feng, Professor ZHU Jiaxiang, and Professor LI Hanzhang.


It is reported that the essential data extraction of highly cited scholars used Elsevier primary discipline classification of the Ministry of education, which has been further optimized and updated, this kind of article-level mapping method makes the data of Chinese Scholars' discipline attribution, discipline performance, and other aspects more intuitively show the theoretical research ecology that is in line with China's discipline setting. It also improves the description of scientific research output by Chinese scholars scientifically and accurately. The article mapping level system provides practical help in sorting, analyzing, and studying the citation performance of Chinese scholars. Moreover, it makes more scholars with outstanding performance in the segmented fields walk into the public view.



According to statistics, the selected scholars in the two lists of PKUSZ reached new highs in this period. Among them, the newly added students in the 'top scientists' list are young and middle-aged academic talents who have been independently trained. The number of scholars selected in the "annual influence" list has increased by nearly 50%, demonstrating the independent training effect of PKUSZ in continuously promoting the strategic process of "strengthening our graduate school with talents."

Translated by WANG Shunlun 

Edit by MA Xiye


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