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Assistant Professor Yuan Li from the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30


Recently, Forbes released its 30 Under 30 Asia 2023 list, which recognizes young talents under the age of 30 from every field. Assistant Professor Yuan Li from School of Electronic and Computer Engineering at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Science and Healthcare list for his outstanding achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, making him one of the internationally recognized young outstanding talents. This honor once again highlights China's outstanding contributions in the field of technological innovation.

YUAN Li is an assistant professor and doctoral supervisor at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. He obtained his bachelor's degree from the University of Science and Technology of China (2017) and his Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore (2021). His research focuses on deep visual neural network design and multimodal machine learning. He has published more than 40 papers in top artificial intelligence journals and conferences, including T2T-ViT (cited 1000+) and VOLO Visual Model (IEEE TPAMI); he has hosted multiple national-level projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China's Youth Project and the Ministry of Science and Technology's 2030 New Generation Artificial Intelligence Major Project. He has won awards such as the National Excellent Self-financed Student Award, the ACM MM Best Challenge Champion, and has been selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list for 2023.

At the end of 2021, Yuan Li graduated with a Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore and joined Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. He has made remarkable achievements in artificial intelligence, such as computer vision and neural network architecture design, and has obtained fruitful results through continuous exchanges and learning with top scholars around the world. The ChatExcel beta version designed by Yuan Li's student team was released on February 28, 2023. Within half a month, the daily active user peak of the public test webpage reached 110,000 independent IPs, with a total of more than 2 million visits. This tool innovatively combines natural language processing and machine learning technology, simplifying the complex operations of tables into a "daily chat" human-computer interaction format. By inputting text requirements for tables and pressing "Enter," users can get the processed data without additional operations, assisting relevant staff such as accountants and teachers to complete their work more easily. It skips formula generation and programming and directly faces user operation.

"Peking University gave me the opportunity to establish my own research group, allowing me to conduct research work according to my interests on an excellent platform. The achievements I made after being selected for the Forbes list were also completed after joining Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School. Senior leaders and teachers from the school's research office gave me great encouragement and help," Yuan Li said. He believes that AI for Science is the trend of the future. When AI becomes a basic tool combined with various scientific fields, these scientific fields will also contribute to the development of AI. Only when both advance together can real progress be made.

Yuan Li's inclusion in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list further proves his outstanding contributions and leadership in the field of artificial intelligence. As a young academic leader, he has not only made breakthroughs in scientific research but also brought positive impacts to social development through technological innovation. We look forward to his continued important role in the field of artificial intelligence and his further contributions to technological innovation and social progress!

Translation by WANG Shunlun

Edited by FONG Tsz Hei

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