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Fleeting Time of Nanyan, Burning Torch for Twenty Years —The 2021 Reunion of Nanyan News Agenc


By Xu Aijian

From Nanyan News Agency

On October 18, 2021, a reunion organized by Nanyan News Agency, was successfully held in room 201 of the STL. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School (PKUSZ), Nanyan News Agency, as the only campus-wide student Omnimedia platform of PKUSZ for the campus and the society, carrying the eager expectations of teachers and students of the school. The f and elder members of the Agency got to know each other through introducing themselves, and participating in team-building activities. This activity thus became a big reunion of the Agency at the beginning of the semester. Ms. An Xiaopeng (Deputy Party Secretary of PKUSZ), Mr. Wu Huanan (Deputy Director of the Party and Masses Affairs Office), Ms. Yan Shan (Media manager of the Party and Masses Affairs Office), Ms. Wang Kejia (Publicity and Information officer of the Party and Masses Affairs Office and tutor of Nanyan News Agency), and Mr. Qin E (teacher of Liberal Education Center) attended the meeting.

Ms. An Xiaopeng expressed her warm welcome to all the new Agency members. She reminisced a draft of an article titled “The ‘South’ and ‘New’ of Nanyan News Agency” lying in her folder for years, evoking the emotional resonance of everyone present. For the rooted young PKUSZ in this young city, Nanyan News Agency is brand new; for the Agency interconnecting the inside and outside of the campus, this Omnimedia platform has experienced a cold start. As the first person who tried tomatoes, the Agency has come a long way with its passion and love for journalism and has made brilliant ideas come true thanks to the efforts of its members. Secretary An has spent more than ten years in PKUSZ and witnessed the growth of Nanyan News Agency during these years. Fortunately, the members of this session are experiencing the historical moment of the 20th anniversary of PKUSZ, confidently assuming the responsibility of recording the history of the School and disseminating the spirit of Peking University. Ms. An expressed that she looks forward to seeing that the Agency will continuously show the PKUers’ values and spirits in various activities on multiple platforms.


Miss An Xiaopeng and Mr. Wu Huanan addressing the meeting

Ms. Wang Kejia recalled her encounter with the Agency since 2016, talked about the journalistic view that “the news of today is the history of tomorrow”—stories of today will become exclusive memories when you discover the bigger world later. Ms. Wang introduced the role of the PKUSZ official website, the news web, and the WeChat official account. She also recalled the interesting moments with the Agency, such as the emoji and mooncakes of Nanxin, and the interaction with PKU main campus.

Ms. Wang recalling the interesting moments with the Agency

Afterward, Ms. An Xiaopeng, Mr. Wu Huanan, Ms. Yanshan and Ms. Wang Kejia presented the letters of appointment to the students of each department and welcomed them joining Nanyan News Agency. The heads of each department introduced their responsibilities, members, achievements and plans, bringing students the vision of rich and diverse work in writing, planning, photography, new media and TV programs.

Then, the letters of appointment were presented to current members.



Mr. Qin E from the Liberal Education Center led the team-building game. Mr. Qin designed a session called “meeting each other with cocktails.” The members of the Agency gathered in a circle, each drawing a cocktail on cardboard with markers and introducing him/herself using colors and graphics. Everyone got familiar with each other in the “toasts” and the room was full of laughter. The second game was the “Extreme 60 Seconds” testing teamwork. Each group sent one person to guess the number written on cards standing in an area surrounded by rope, and to put as many numbers as possible in a correct order within 1 minute. Mr. Qin gave each group 7 chances to discuss and optimize. In each one-minute round, the exciting game effectively promoted teamwork among participants. During the review session, Mr. Qin and the students discussed the overall team-building, element selection, and rule interpretation, summarizing those clear objectives, methods, and teamwork are worthy of attention in study and life. In the end, Mr. Qin proposed to compose a poem to commemorate this meeting by taking one character from the name of each student. After brainstorming, a poem was presented along with cheers of the prize draw.


A beautiful poem was composed of the names of all the present members. The moral of the poem indicates the tough spirits of members in Nanyan News Agency (homophones used).



Zhuo Yi Xin, Shu Yun Yue. Hui Jun Xian, Jian Wei Ye.


Hang Fei Qiao, Dou Kun E. Fu Ruo Tong, Mao Lin Lin.


We believe that the team-building activities have brought Nanyan News Agency enthusiasm and vigor. We will hold high and relay the unquenchable torch to light up the future. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of PKUSZ, this reunion not only celebrates and sends best wishes to the School, but also has drawn the blueprint for Nanyan News Agency in the future. Taking over the baton of inheritance and development, Nanyan News Agency will continue to report the most updated news as well as the history of tomorrow at PKUSZ, PKU, and Shenzhen, adhering to the mission of “documenting the history and spreading PKU spirits.”



Reporter: Mao Junqi (Nanyan News Agency)

Translation: Xu Aijian

Editor: Andrew Fong Tsz Hei, Zhang Wendou

Photography: Mao Junqi, Ning Kexin, Fu Chenkun (Nanyan News Agency)

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