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School of Urban Planning and Design won Silver Award in Urban Design Competition



In order to welcome the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return, China Overseas Group, China Overseas love foundation and Bauhinia magazine jointly held the "Dream building Bay area university student architecture and urban planning and Design Competition" in May 2022. The graduate student of the school of urban planning and design won the silver award under the guidance of Professor ZHAO Pengjun.


The winning work is "Hong Kong-Shenzhen integration, River makes prosperous New City-Xintian Lok Ma Chau Sustain able Future Technology City". The participating students include LIU Wenzhou, a master's student of 2021, XU Jiashi and GUO Wuxin, master's students of 2022.


The design theme of the competition is "design future leading of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area". The competition aims to let students in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao understand the current situation and characteristics of the city in the Greater Bay area, create and design forward-looking projects in the Greater Bay area on a global scale by integrating excellent urban architectural culture and modern science and technology at home and abroad






Based on the existing ecological base and historical and cultural resources of the site, the design work of "Hong Kong-Shenzhen integration, River makes prosperous New City-Xintian Lok Ma Chau Sustain able Future Technology City" conceived the plan for the integration opportunities of the future Dawan District, and proposed the layout of "science and innovation plus ecology" double axis. Design and implement policy requirements, adhere to sustainable development, highlight regional characteristics, respect ecological environment, shape dynamic space, adhere to people-oriented and create intelligent urban parks, and build a sustainable future science and technology new town from the economic, ecological and social aspects.


In terms of the base function, the design combines the current population in the site and the future planning service population to study and judge, and puts forward five major needs of office, business, entertainment, learning and living, so as to put forward functional strategies. The design is based on smart science and technology innovation, smart production and smart education. It is committed to the integration of industry, learning and research, and builds a smart city based on the whole chain of employment, learning and scientific research. In addition, the design creates a production vitality area from multiple scales, activates the plot on a small scale, connects the area on a medium scale, and integrates with the outside world on a large scale, so as to output its own products and stimulate the vitality of the city.



In terms of scientific and technological innovation mode, the base is committed to creating the "scientific and technological innovation plus" industrial development mode, and creating five "scientific and technological innovation plus" development modes of "scientific and technological innovation plus production", "scientific and technological innovation plus culture and education", "scientific and technological innovation plus communication", "scientific and technological innovation plus ecology" and "scientific and technological innovation plus life", covering the relevant functions of smart cities such as robot perception and interaction, human brain intelligent technology, ecological agriculture research and development, and intelligent travel system.


In terms of business model, the three-party linkage business model of "government plus enterprises plus residents" is adopted. The government connects enterprises and residents with policy means to guide and plan the development of space; Enterprises play the role of industry incubation, supporting start-ups and brand promotion; The residents mainly carry out scientific and technological production, drive the development of scientific and technological economy and provide supporting services such as commercial service industry.


The Urban Design Competition works have enhanced the students' understanding of the urban development status, history, culture and development prospects of the Greater Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. It is of great significance to cultivate application-oriented innovative talents with global vision and era awareness.


Written by XU JiashiGUO Wuxin 

Edit by WANG Shunlun

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